This is the site of cartoonist, illustrator Scott Holmes. I do illustrations for people and companies that need a custom made product. I've done anything from etching flute headjoints at NFC flute functions to woodburning leather armguards for archers to designing quilt patterns for a quilt pattern company. I love the challenge of doing a job I have to think differently for. The creative process is lots of fun no matter what the project may be.

A few of the things that I can do or have done:

-Music album art
-Fun caricatures from provided photo
-On location caricatures for special events/childrens birthdays
-Logo and T-shirt designs
-Web graphics and design
-Commissioned pieces for framing
-Book illustrations
-Personal funny story comic strips based on your story
-Gag cartoons for a friends momento of a not so bright moment
-Musical instrument etching
-Woodburn designs on leather or wood items
-Ink artwork for wood bows
-Comicbook artwork
-Tattoo designs
-Quilt pattern design

The Name "Big John Arts"
I have always had a great amount of respect for older generations. You could say, I suppose, that it comes from a healthy respect of the wisdom that these people have. I try to soak in as much of this wisdom as I can. I have picked up a lot from my parents and grandparents, including creativity and imagination, which I feel are very important qualities to have. So the name is my tribute to two great men that influenced my life and growth--my grandfathers, John Armstrong and Leland "Big" Holmes. Both musical and creative men.

I love the creative process and would love to help you with your project. So if you believe I can help you, please contact me, and we can start the process now!
I'm also a photographer and offer those services as well. My photography site is-

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